We are your direct contact persons and the main actors.

We maintain your estate or holiday home comprehensively, professionally and for a fair price.

In regular intervals we visit your property and control the condition of house and parcel. Necessary works which may need to be done, such as water or storm damages etc., are recorded and carried out upon consultation with you. Before your arrival we tend to your garden and cut the grass, clean the house and readily do the first shopping for you. If you wish for anything else to be done by the time of your arrival, please approach us, we’ll be more than glad to help you.

Post address:

Marcus Schönfelder
Passavas, Ag. Vassiliou
23200 Gythio, Greece

Contact data:

E-Mail:   h-s-l@otenet.gr 
Phone: +30 27330 23902
Mobile: +30 6979 235997
               +30 6984 219718